Carol Perez



Hola! I’m Carol. A Mexican living in London. 

It has taken me a looong time to feel excited about my life. In the past I looked for my happiness in material possessions, and in following and pleasing the people around me. I was afraid of their judgement if I did what I really wanted to do. But not making myself a priority in my own life led to bad decisions, isolation and unhappiness. I knew something needed to change, but I was confused AF about who I really was or where to begin. 

Once I made a decision to find help, things started to shift. Slowly but surely, I began to unravel. I began to understand myself, how I work and what makes me happy. From the outside it may look like I’m just a regular person doing regular stuff, and in many ways I am, but the difference is I have curated my life to include as much of the good stuff as possible, prioritising my happiness. Yes, I’m becoming that happy, healthy cliché my younger (and darker) self once mocked. And you know what? I f*cking love it! 

I have to tell you though, it hasn't been easy. Or should I say, it’s not easy. Creating a good life is a process, not an output. The good thing? We are not alone, everybody has their own struggles. The best thing? There are strategic and practical ways to live a life that makes sense to You! A life that makes you happy. 


Just to be clear, no, I don’t have 365 happy days a year but, I do enjoy where I am, growing, learning and developing. I know who I am and I’m excited about my life. I know how to put myself first and prioritise my own happiness and fulfillment. 

Now I’m here to help you be who you want to be. I’m here to empower you to define and create the life you want. I’ll share my knowledge, you’ll put the effort and willingness to change your life.  


  • You find yourself trapped in your thoughts more than you want. Let’s say, you overthink. 

  • You feel stuck, bored or uninspired by your life.

  • You don’t know where to start but you’d like to do something different.

  • You say yes when you want to say no. 

  • You’re tired of hearing the same old jokes at the same old parties.

  • You look for happiness in the wrong places - you know that you can buy that new iphone, but the good feeling it gives you won’t last longer than a week!

  • You feel committed to making a change


To create a place where everybody feels free to be themselves. Where we have the tools to understand who we really are. Where we encourage each other to get out of our shells and show up as we really are. A place where we aren’t limited by the fear of being judged. Where we define what we want to do with OUR lives based on what we enjoy, instead of following someone else's recipe for a “successful” and “happy” life that has nothing to do with us. Where we can connect with other like-minded people and grow together.

Find out how we can work together!