Do you want to feel cool? Start today!


Picture this... tomorrow someone offers you a trip to somewhere different, somewhere where nobody knows you, where NOBODY WILL JUDGE you, where you are FREE TO BE YOURSELF!

OK, have you pictured it already? How does that look? How similar is your BEHAVIOUR in that place compared to your everyday routine? Can you spot and name any differences?

For some of us, the gap could be huge and overwhelming. For others, it’s not that different from everyday life. But the truth is, the more we listen and attend our needs based on who we are and what we want, the more joy we can incorporate into our routine.

If you have noticed a gap in between what you think and what you do, there’s a big chance that for whatever reason, you are stopping yourself from doing what you want. Being in that place can be quite frustrating and upsetting. I have struggled with that behaviour for a while, and the only thing that has helped me to change that pattern is to practice. Practicing with tiny little things have helped me to minimize that gap that is in between the thinking and doing.

Now, the first thing to acknowledge that sometimes, we don’t even know what we want. We are so busy living our lives that we don’t take the time to understand WTF do I want? So let’s start with a very basic exercise. Try these for seven days only, I’d recommend that you write this down, use a gdoc, or a note on your phone or a little piece of paper, whatever you prefer. If you don’t want to is fine, but just keep in mind that our brain is already handling a lot of stuff, so if we can free some space by writing this down I guarantee you, your brain will be grateful :)

*** For the next seven days take some time at the end of the day to make a list of those things that you enjoyed. i.e. I liked that I didn’t have to rush this morning, I listened to music really loud and it felt good.

*** Then, take the time to log off those things that made you feel uncomfortable or that you didn’t really enjoy. i.e. I didn’t have the energy to meet my friends today but I just couldn’t say no, I was in a meeting and really wanted to share an idea but I just couldn’t, I felt really intimidated.

Yes, it is a very straightforward exercise but if you really put effort into it, you'll be closer to understand what you want! Let me know how it went. Don't forget that I'm on Instagram, tag me if you are feeling like you need support @beyou.feelcool