Why you should tell your best friend about this website.


Even if we don’t like it, we can’t deny the existence of at least two versions of ourselves. The one that others see and the one we see in our own reflection. No matter how honest or open we are, there’s always a hidden side.

Sometimes, there are specific situations when we are deliberately acting in a way out there when in reality, we could be acting in a different way. It could be something as simple as not saying bad words in front of our parents, or having just water because a friend is having a detox and we want to be supportive. And that in a way, I think it’s ok. But, sometimes, some of us have a bigger struggle. We keep doing things that we don’t like just because we don’t know how to say no. We keep wearing certain clothes because we don’t want to offend others. We keep going to the same restaurant because we are afraid of proposing something new. We keep pushing what we want to the side because of others, because of parents, because of the partner, because of the culture, because, because, because. 

Why should you tell your best friend about this account? 

  • Because you never know, maybe they are struggling with this. Maybe they need to find the courage to be out there, or maybe, they need to get clear about who they are.

  • Because you want to hang out with people that are with you because they really like you, you want to hang out with authentic people.  

  • Because you want to spend time with people that are ok with being vulnerable, with people that accept you and love you as you are, unconditionally. 

  • Because you want to see how the people you care about is being fearless and is going out there to fulfill their dreams. 

  • Because you want to be there to support them, to witness how those dreams happen, change or evolve. 

You want that for them. You want this for you as well. Because you should be your best friend. Always. 

Over anything else.