Start with WHY

It wasn’t until very recently that I heard about Simon Sinek’s work. In case you haven’t heard of him, he is a British-American author and marketing consultant that gain popularity after one TEDx talk became viral. Later on, he published the book “Start with why” that is basically the same content but more detailed.

His simple message? He says that the guiding principle of our endeavors should be based not on what we do or how we do it, but rather on why we do it.  “Knowing your why gives you a filter to make choices, at work and at home, that will help you find greater fulfillment in all that you do.”- taken from his website -

The whole concept is straightforward and clear. He talks about the “Golden Circle” and suggests that companies, leaders, and everybody should start by defining why they want to do something, then define the how and finally the what. Which according to him, must of the companies and a lot of people work in the opposite direction. Starting from WHAT they deliver/do, knowing HOW they do it and leaving at the end the WHY...which sometimes could be nonexistent. If you haven’t watched the video I’ll leave it at the bottom of this post.  

Now, how is this golden circle thing related to today’s post? Well, whilst reading about his work and approach I was recalling how this idea began and why I started this project in the first place. All those thoughts caught me by surprise and there I was, silly smile in place and unhelpfully optimistic. Which btw, I was relieved that this project actually has a WHY hahaha. Anyway, I felt like sharing it with you today, so there you have it, this is my WHY. Or perhaps my list of why :)

I started this project because:  

  • I believe we all have the right to feel free.

  • I want to provoke a pause, a moment where people stop to observe and analyse their everyday choices. I want them to be sure that whatever they are doing, wearing, dreaming, fearing, owning is because THEY genuinely want it.

  • I want people to feel in control. To have freedom of choice.

  • I want people to live a life they’ve created, fight for it and fantasize about it. I want them to take control of it with small steps, little by little, day by day, action by action. To regain space, terrain, and identity.

  • I want people to be themselves, to do more stuff that they enjoy and feel cool about it.

So here I am, building this project slowly but surely. It hasn’t been easy, lots of personal struggles are coming up whilst trying to create this, but it’s all for a good reason, well hopefully!! 



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