I’m Carol, a Mexican living in London.

I’m 38 years old...F*cking f*ck time flies! Hahaha

From time to time my internal existentialist turns up and makes me cringe to phrases like “the best version of yourself” or “it was meant to be” FFS!

I can’t live without music! Fun fact, the first conversation I had with the husband was about Radiohead. Handsome and with good taste! BOOM! 🖤

I’m introvert, not boring. Those two are different things, thank you. Wait, maybe I’m boring?!?!, oh oh, am I?...nah!, well probably for some people, oh dear, what if I am?... stop it! (Oh! forgot to say, I’m an overthinker)

I’ve been called laddy (not lady) because instead of a fancy cocktail I prefer a beer, a proper warm ale!

I can laugh for hours (or sometimes days) about the same simple and stupid joke. The husband is 100% convinced that sometimes I don’t even remember why I started to laugh in the first place. But I do, in my mind they roll in a loop and I can’t stop laughing.

My dream is to create a place where everybody feels free to be themselves. A place where we are provided of tools to understand who we are.  Where we’ll encourage each other to get out of our shell to show up as we are. Somewhere where you can connect with people like you. A place where we aren’t limited by that fear of being judged. Where we define what we want to do with OUR life based on what we enjoy instead of following our parents/society recipe to achieve a “successful” and “happy” life that has nothing to do with us.

Cool as a cucumber is that world that I want to see, a place free of judgment, a starting point to understand who you are to finally become a super cool person! And yes, to feel like a Rockstar!

Carol Perez