This could be you.

Cool as a cucumber.

Feeling alright.

Knowing that you are doing exactly what you want with your life.


What´s this about?

All my work and this website are dedicated to that part of you that is quietly shouting for something different but feels overwhelmingly tied to someone else’s expectations (and beware, that “someone else” could be yourself!). You are possibly feeling that something needs to be different but you aren’t clear on what is it, or maybe you do know what you want but it feels scary and impossible. Sometimes, you even feel ashamed and a little bit selfish for having these thoughts.

If that’s you, keep your eyes peeled because here you’ll find tools, support and illustrations (as you might have noticed already)  to help you unveil who you are with a practical, straightforward and fun approach (No 💩 ).

Take the time to understand and KNOW who you are.  

It’s time to DO what you like and FEEL COOL about it.




Who´s behind this?



One day I realised that the people that I like and admire the most are those who feel comfortable with who they are and their thoughts and actions are constantly aligned. People that is always seeking to evolve and grow in different ways. Not because they don’t like who they are, but because they want to nurture and improve their limitations and capabilities.

My name is Carol and I’m on a mission to reshape the concept of being cool. For me, being cool is being an expert in yourself, is understanding how, where and what helps you feel aligned with your thoughts and actions. Being cool is being free to be yourself (aka truly being authentic), is doing more of the stuff that you know you enjoy, is spending time with people that shares the same values that you have, is simply having a good time whilst being in this world. Is doing what you know you want to do and feeling so f*cking cool about it.

I have this fantasy of a place where everybody feels free to be themselves. A place where we are provided of tools to understand who we are and where we’ll encourage each other to get out of our shell to show up as we are. Somewhere where you can connect with people like you. A place where we aren’t limited by that fear of being judged. Where we define what we want to do with OUR life based on what we enjoy instead of following our parents/society recipe to achieve a “successful” and “happy” life that has nothing to do with us.  

This website is that world that I want to see, a place free of judgement, a starting point to understand who you are to finally become a super cool person!