Or in other words, the killing combo! Ready?

There are a lot of things in our life that we can only imagine as a whole.

Picture a burger.

So many events, effort and small steps needed to happen to finally receive that juicy and beautiful piece of art in our plate.

But we forget about it, we just order a “burger”. Now, there’s something interesting in all this, despite thinking about it as a whole, we do care about each of the elements. We know when the bacon is missing, we know if the cheese is going to be mind blowing or just meh! And sometimes we go for that extra ingredient because why not?

So yes, we see the burger as a whole but there’s this subtle (or not that subtle haha) awareness of each of these elements. And it’s ok to be passionate about them because guess what, that’s exactly how feeling cool and like a f*cking rockstar is going to work!

And with no more introductions here is the killing combo!

Self awareness + Being authentic = Feel cool, feel like a ROCKSTAR!