Yes, let’s have a conversation you and I!

Eighteen months ago, I started to book conversations with my friends to explore what “being yourself” meant to them, what was their take about being authentic and, how much time did they dedicate to analyse their current present. Were they happy? Comfortable? Clueless? Those initial conversations evolved into what this project is today. And the evolution continues. Talking about evolution, that’s where you intervene!

I’m constantly talking with different people to continue this amazing process of understanding what all these concepts mean to someone else. The conversation lasts about 30min. During this time, we explore what it means to be you, how it looks to live a cool* life and how you apply this in your everyday life. The result? Making you part of this project and keeping things fresh with a diverse range of opinions. Your intervention can take the shape of an Instagram post, a beautiful illustration or a blog post but more importantly, it can inspire someone else out there. How amazing is that?!

Come and join me! It's going to be fun!

*Cool as a cucumber is on a mission to reshape the meaning of “cool”. For us, being cool is living a life where you know what you want, you do more of what you enjoy and you feel really cool about it!


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