Start 2020 like a rockstar!

5th - 19th November 2019

I’m so excited about this one! Take time to review how 2019 went and start planning 2020 before all the Christmas madness begins. “A goal without a plan is just a wish”, and there’s nothing wrong with having a wish list but it’s also great to have a list of steps to accomplish an objective, to change or improve at something, to live a good life. I like to feel aware of the days I’m living, I like to feel let’s say ‘awake’ but I know it does require an effort and it does require accountability. And we’ll be working together to do that! I’ll help you to put those wishes into structure and easy steps!   

This online course includes:

  • 3 LIVE video calls (5th, 12th & 19th November) 

  • Online support through a Facebook group ( yes I know EVERYBODY says they hate facebook but it’s a good tool!)

  • Offline resources to help you go through your homework. Yes, you’ll have homework and you need to do it! No excuses!!


Once I’ve received the payment I’ll send you an email with next steps!